Licking County Municipal Clerk's Office
Licking County Municipal Clerk's Office

Online Payments

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Complete Court Fee Schedule

Waiverable fine amounts for Speeding Citations received within a 12 month period.

        First Speeding Second Speeding  
  1-5 MPH   $128.00 $148.00  
  6-10 MPH   $133.00 $153.00  
  11-15 MPH   $143.00 $163.00  
  16-20 MPH   $153.00 $173.00  
  21-25 MPH   $168.00 $188.00  
  26-29 MPH   $183.00 $203.00  
  30+ MPH   Must Appear Must Appear  

Seat Belts

Non-Moving Violations



                 First Offense




Second Offense


Child Restraint



Points Chart

55 or 65 Speed Limit Zone


Speed Limit Zones Less than 55

0 Points

1-10 miles over the limit

0 Points

1-5 miles over the limit

2 Points

11-29 miles over the limit

2 Points

6-29 miles over the limit

4 Points

30+ miles over the limit

4 Points

30+ miles over the limit


Proof of Insurance

If you did not provide proof of insurance at the time of the traffic violation, you must provide proof when making payment by mail or in person or online.



All tickets must be paid by the court date on the bottom of your ticket, or you must appear in court on the date stated. Payments may be made in person, by telephone (740-670-7812), or mail the ticket and payment to Licking County Municipal Court, 40 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio 43055.