Licking County Municipal Clerk's Office
Licking County Municipal Clerk's Office

About the Clerks Office

The clerk's office is the major processing center through which virtually all court and case documents flow.  The clerk issues, records, and files these documents in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code statutes, and local rules of the court.  It is essential to the efficient and effective operation of the court system that these documents always be processed accurately, and on a timely basis.  

Criminal/Traffic Jurisdiction:
The Licking County Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal and traffic matters as well as certain stages of felony offenses.  The level of offenses is defined by statue in Ohio.  The court conducts all stages of a misdemeanor criminal or traffic proceedings including jury trial and sentencing if there is a conviction.

Civil/Small Claims Jurisdiction:
The court has jurisdiction over civil matters in dispute of $15,000.00 or less, as well as eviction and landlord-tenant matters.  In the small claims division, the monetary jurisdiction is limited to $6,000.00 or less.