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The Licking County Municipal Court values your privacy and we realize that visitors to our Web site may have concerns about privacy and security and is therefore providing the following information explaining our online information practices. This policy may change from time to time. By visiting our site, you agree to the practices detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Web Site Security

Information We Collect About You
If you make an online payment, we collect the following information from you:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing/Billing Address
  • Credit Card (Account #, Type, Expiration)
  • Payment Amount

We also collect information on the dates and times you visit our site using standard tracking software. No other information is collected.

Outside Information Collected About You
No supplemental information is obtained from any third parties (such as direct marketers) and used in conjunction with personal, demographic, or other information that is collected.

We Do Not Use Cookies
A cookie is a text file saved to your computer's hard drive. The text file contains small pieces of data sent by a Web server and stored on your computer when you visit certain Web sites. Your browser can "read" this information when you visit the site again. A cookie cannot access your computer files or hard drive. We do not use Cookies on this Web site.

Ways Information About You is Used
Technical information may be used for analysis of traffic patterns (site management). We may collect the following information:

  • The date of your visit
  • The time you arrive and the length of your visit
  • The browser you use
  • The IP address of the computer you used to visit our site

In addition, the information we collect may be used as the basis for future newsletters and follow-up emails with acknowledgments and periodic updates on information about the Licking County Municipal Court. We may also use your information to help respond to your inquiries.

You may ask us to delete any information about you and cease further contact at any time by sending an email to indicating you would like to be removed.

What Information About You is Shared
No information is shared with third parties by selling, giving, trading or any other method. Users of this site will not receive unsolicited contact from third parties.

Licking County Municipal Court only shares your personal information with other divisions/legal entities of the City of Newark, Ohio, and Licking County, Ohio. Your personal information is shared with our Finance department for the purpose of processing payments, our clerk of court division for communications.

Where applicable, Licking County Municipal Court will share personal information with other courts, only with respect to publicly available records.

Site Certification
Every secure page on the Licking County Municipal Court Web site has been secured with a digital certificate by VeriSign, Inc. This is shown via the "site certificate" that is resident on the first page of the Web site. To view this certificate, click on the image or the closed lock or the solid key on the bottom bar of your browser window. A small frame displaying site security information will appear. If you are using Internet Explorer, click on the word "Subject" to verify that you are on the Licking County Municipal Court’s Web site. Click on "Issuer" to verify the site certification authority. If you are using Netscape, click on "View Certificate" to see information on the subject and issuer.

Protection of Information Being Transmitted
All information collected by the Licking County Municipal Court, such as name, address and credit card (if making an online payment), is securely stored. We take many measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your information while it is stored, including:

  • Utilizing firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information.
  • Housing internal computer systems in a highly secure building to provide additional protection against unauthorized access and changes to stored information.
  • Restricting access to stored information to only those employees who are involved in processing transactions or at your request.

We use encryption technology to ensure the safe transmission of your information on all our secure Web sites. Your browser provides security by allowing us to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.3 encryption with up to 128-bit key length encryption when transmitting your information. This technology lets you select "secured" or "unsecured" transmitting. If your browser is capable of SSL, you should use the "secured" option, which means all sensitive information will be encrypted before being sent over the Internet.

Your transactions are secure from unauthorized access (SSL is supported by Netscape 2.0+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+, and most frames-enabled browsers).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send an email to

Thank you for visiting the Licking County Municipal Court website.