The Licking County Municipal Court
Licking County Municipal Court

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide superior customer service and create a user-friendly court. In return, the Court expects all visitors to respect the Court and its employees. Here are several things you should know before you visit the Court:

  • It is important that visitors understand the appropriate dress code for the Court. The Court is a place of business, and visitors should wear clean, fitted clothes. Shirt and shoes are required. Please take hats off before entering any courtroom.
  • All pagers and cell phones should be turned off before entering the courtroom.
  • It is also important to know that food, drink, and all weapons are strictly prohibited from the building. No alcohol will be allowed on the premises. All weapons will be confiscated and the violator will be appropriately charged. Do not attempt to bring in any prohibited items. The Court will not store prohibited items for pickup. Leave these items at home or in your car.

I received a letter saying I have a warrant block and/or a license forfeiture

The warrant block and/or license forfeiture has been issued due to a bench warrant for failure to appear or you owe the court money for fines and/or costs.

If a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, you must appear in court.

If a license forfeiture has been issued for fines and/or costs owed to the court. Payment in full must be made before a release will be issued.

I have received a summons

If you are charged with a non-waiverable offense, you must appear in court. Your court date and time will appear on the summons.

Misdemeanor 1st degree – non-waiverable offense, must appear in court
Misdemeanor 2nd degree – non-waiverable offense, must appear in court
Misdemeanor 3rd degree – non-waiverable offense, must appear in court
Misdemeanor 4th degree – non-waiverable offense, must appear in court
Minor Misdemeanor – waiverable offense

I cannot make my court date

Only a judge can grant a continuance for your court date. All requests to continue a court date must be made in writing to the judge, and filed in the clerks office. Please do not call the clerks office for a continuance, as they are not permitted to grant your request.

How can I file request and/or motions?

All motions, request or any correspondence may be filed in the clerk's office via:

Mail or in person:
Licking County Municipal Court
40 West Main Street
Newark, Ohio 43055
Phone: 740-670-7800
Fax: 740-345-4250


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